Welcome to Xcapade, one of the most well-loved escape rooms in Melbourne. With an experienced and passionate staff who have put together the most exciting game possible, we make sure that everyone who comes along to join us can enjoy a deeply impressive escape room experience.

Everything that goes into our Melbourne escape room is designed to offer a real-life puzzle experience that will rack the brain. Do you and your friends fancy yourselves as escape artists? Then come and see us! We can help you put together a deeply engrossing experience that is sure to test your mettle and really see how well you all work as a team. Time is of the essence and the risk involved to succeed are massive: so, are you ready to put that into place?

Using the limited amount of clues within each of the themed escape rooms, you’ll need to look beyond the obvious and use teamwork to find a way out. For those who enjoy a puzzle and who want to see how well they can work together as a team, this is the perfect opportunity for seeing what you are made of.

The Perfect Melbourne Escape Room Experience!

Everything about Xcapade has been designed to make sure you can feel the pressure building as you work together. This creates a competitive yet exciting experience that is sure to have both parties moving to and fro in a bid to try an escape within the time limit set. We’ve been working to help ensure that the atmosphere and the challenge involved will leave everyone having to work at their very peak to get out. So, if you are looking for a way to test your mettle and see just how well you can handle a pressurized situation like this, come on down and see us!

As the first suite of escape rooms out here in Australia to have fully linked together all of our rooms, you can enjoy a more cohesive and creative experience. We’ve worked night and day to create a platform that is daring, exciting and very much a massive challenge. Everything linked together across three rooms, telling one amazing story that is sure to create a more coherent and exciting theme in general.

With a unique layout to each room that is sure to wrack the brain, we’ll make it easier than ever before to really take things that extra step further. With each room carrying its own stresses, you’ll want to conquer all three to find out the true story behind Xcapade!

Contact us today if you need any information or would like to discuss bookings – we can’t wait to see how your team tries to escape!